Who we are

Dania Energy is an international oil company founded in Copenhagen Denmark in 2017 – we are a young & Energetic company, with decades of experience in all aspects of the oil business.

With head-office located in Copenhagen Denmark, we work hard to impose the “European style of management” on all aspects of our business, therefore punctuality, precision & hard work are cornerstones in our day to day conduct.

With a vast experience and involvement in Energy deliveries and supplies to the shipping community for all most 2 decades, Dania´s founders felt the needs to set their footprint & impose their change to the industry, by offering innovative solutions to a solid client base of various ship owners, across the globe.

We evaluate each customer to tailor make solutions suitable for our clients exact operation, and we work very hard to be an integrated part of our clients day to day business.

We truly live by & exercise the old classic phrase: “the customer is king!” – that is the key element in all that we do….

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